VersaEmerge - No Consequences (Official Lyrics and Chords)


    Intro - D minor, A minor
    Verses - D minor, A minor
    Pre Choruses - Bb Major, D minor, C Major
    Choruses - D minor, A minor, F Major, G minor
    Solo Section - Bb Major, D minor, C Major 


    Everywhere I go no one says no to me. They don’t, They don’t dare.
    Everything, I want to feel the good, the bad.. Always indifferent..

    Be my muse before i walk all over you, to get to the next one.
    You were fascinated like a fool and I lazily killed you.

    You’re calling me insatiable and I can’t deny.
    On the hunt for the irreplaceable.. Impossible to find.

    Should I settle for less? You’re good but I want the best.
    I want you along with the rest. I want the world with no consequences.

    Drink it up and be so mad and wild along with me till the ending.
    Pray to set you free, cause I’ll give you the hurt. They gave it to me.

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